Two years latter and no content here, nice no? 🙂

The Covid-19 outbreak is still ongoing and I think we must learn to live with it. So I’ll re-Start this blog with a review with what happened in the last two years

2020 was almost a dead year, besides work the only two notable things I remember are 1. learning about Microsoft Azure and prepared for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification 2. discovered SoapBox project – a community written game that brought back to live NFS World (Closed in 2015 by EA Games). 3. In the next week i will write about driving Renault Zoe and my new passion about electric cars.

2021 brought some confidence back to humanity after Covid-19 vaccines were launched so i could’ve write about the vacation in Nessebar but I won’t since i plan to return there also this year and will write then or about the city break to Chisinau, but also for this i plan to return to Moldova and to write a bigger article about the wine cellars. Also I drove Skoda Citigo-e iV so my electric car experience now has reach 3 cars, unfortunately i couldn’t  participate to Volkswagen ID.4 testdrive organised by Bolt and i wasn’t contacted by SkyWell to drive the ET5 and by Tesla to drive the Model3, i guess both manufacturers have big waiting lists so maybe I can drive those cars and other in the near future.

2022 the year has just started, nothing notable yet.

♫ Mood: Kavinsky – Nightcall

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