Volkswagen ID.3 testdrive

Yesterday a got the chance to drive for 14km the new Volkswagen ID.3

I wanted to drive drive electric cars since December 2019 when i have creared an account on Spark but somehow i postponed the “electric” experience until now.

The model i drive had the equivalent of 207hp of a fossil fuel car and the 57kW battery, enough for 405km range. This is not much if i compare it with my 2004 Renault that goes 650km with full tank


As you can see above the car looks good but the price is not so good, at least for me. 45.000€. I still wait a call from the dealer to see what is included in this money.

It was a nice experience and soon i will try Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf.

Post to be updated 🙂

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