Hello Mihai,

You will laugh, in 2030-2040 when you will read articles from the past.
In case you forgot (and also for the audience of this blog in case they are curious) let me remind you in a few words how things started and why are you writing here.

First of all this is not your first blog, you started “writting” on SirNeo.Info in 2006 (yes idiot you clould’ve been an influencer right now but you are lazzy or how in romanians say “branza buna in burduf de caine”). Actually the quality of that blog was zero, it didn’t brought any value for the users on the internet but for me it was very important because i learned a lot of stuffs (a little bit of html, php, basic linux commands, how to use an FTP server, what is RAID, what is DNS, etc) that helped me latter when i got hired. I don’t remember exactly when i abandoned but what is certain is that on 2014 i bought and i tried again to write from time to time for the same purpose. I din’t had more than 10 articles on it 🙂

So thanks to COVID-19 outbreak i will start to write here again. If i don’t do that my mental health also hope to improve some of my skills like my first blog did in the past.
My posts will be in english and i will write about my further Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects as well as reviews about food and places i will go.

Kind regards,
You March 2020

Btw, this first post was published on 22 January but i have edited it on 21 March, actually i rewrite it from scratch.

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