• Volkswagen ID.3 testdrive

    By sirneo
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    • September 27, 2020

    Yesterday a got the chance to drive for 14km the new Volkswagen ID.3 I wanted to drive drive electric cars since December 2019 when i have creared an account on ...

  • Outbreak journal day #1-13

    Outbreak journal day #1-13

    By sirneo
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    • March 21, 2020

    This will be a light "journal" of mine during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The main purpose of this series is for me to remember this period so the articles will be ...

  • Foreword


    By sirneo
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    • January 22, 2020

    Hello Mihai, You will laugh, in 2030-2040 when you will read articles from the past. In case you forgot (and also for the audience of this blog in case they ...